Digia ImageSpy

Digia ImageSpy 2.0.5

Convert your Nokia Series 60 phone into a security camera

ImageSpy enables any Series 60 device to observe its surroundings and raise an alarm when it detects a motion. The raised alarm type can be pre-defined as audio, silent, message (MMS/SMS) or a phone call.

ImageSpy can be set to continuously monitor its target, and record and report all activities over a longer period of time. ImageSpy is a market proven and fully tested solution both for handset manufacturers to enrich their Series 60 phone with additional functionality and service providers to provide ARPU generating applications.

When the motion is detected the application can:

1) save the image and
2) send the image as a MMS, or
3) initiate a phone call, or
4) send an SMS, or
5) play a selected sound file

ImageSpy is an innovative application for camera and MMS enabled Nokia 7650/3650 devices. The camera can be set to monitor its neighbourhood and raise an alarm when motion is detected. The alarm can be silent, when picture is taken, message (MMS/SMS) is sent or call initiated to predefined address. The alarm can also be set to play user selected sound files. Repeated alarms and delays before and after alarm are supported, so the application can survey its target by recording and reporting any new motion detected for longer period.


Surprise your friends or colleagues; make your 7650/3650 to play your favourite sound file whenever they enter to your room. Have a peek at a stranger who has borrowed the stuff from the refrigerator or wine cellar recently. Now you can see how late it really was when your partner arrived from last night party! Play hide and seek -children and pets just love this application.


Sleep well and tight all night long. Have your main entrance, backyard or vehicle guarded and get informed when something unexceptional occurs. By using application specific code you can deactivate alarm before the alarm is raised, similar way as provided by ordinary security systems.


Now you can keep track of the visitors or passers by receiving a phone call or message when motion is detected. You can also play sounds whenever customer enters from the door. Take automatic pictures of the first ten persons who arrived to scene.

Popular security and surveillance tool for your your Series 60 phone.

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Digia ImageSpy


Digia ImageSpy 2.0.5

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